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Wedding Groups FAQ

Ideally, the groom along with their future partner should make their choices on what they are looking for in the style and colour of their outfits. Consideration should be given to all party members in the group to what style is best suitable and what they can afford. All budgets can be accommodated.

Once you have selected your style and colours of your outfit, Harrys can advise the best times that would be suitable to arrange your groomsmen to come in and be measured. 

After Hour Bookings if Required. 

We are happy to book groups in after 12.00 noon to 4.00pm on a Saturday or alternately after hours from Mon-Thurs 5.00pm to 6.00pm This way you get our undivided attention without any interruptions. Please Call to confirm if you require alternate arrangments.



Q1. Does Harrys for Menswear Hirer Suits? No! We only sell new suits or selected items. Our prices are competitive and our PV range is one of the best made and fitting suits on the market today. 

Q2. Do Harry's have a payment plan? Not at this time. Will advise if this changes.

Q3. What is your payment arrangements? A 50% deposit is asked when each member of the wedding party has been fitted for his outfits. The balance is paid on collection.

Q4. What are the protocols for who pays for what? There are three methods that seem to be considered. These are a list in order of popularity below. 

  1. Each member pays for themselves and the groom may pay for the accessory items. e.g. Tie, Belt, Cufflinks etc.  
  2. The groom pays for the 50% deposit and each member pays the balance on collection.
  3. The groom pays the lot 

Important! The groom should consider these arrangements prior to asking each of the members and make it clear from the start, what payment arrangements are being made. This will alleviate those awkward moments.

Q5. How early should we select our wedding outfits? Selecting your style, colours & Accessory items can be done at any time from six months out from the wedding date. Getting your members measured is best to be done 6 weeks from the date. If it is convenient for those members that live in other regions and are visiting early than its best to come in and get measured during our normal business hours.

Q6. What if something goes wrong? We try our hardest to have this not happen and is why we ask each wedding to check with us two weeks out from the wedding date. This gives us time to fix any concerns that might arise. 

Q7. What are the smallest and largest sizes you have in suits? Our smallest men's size is an 88cm chest & waist 76cm. Our largest is 152cm chest & waist 140cm. Sizes larger or smaller have to be tailored made which we can do give a lead time of 6 weeks from order.

Q8. What if one or more of our members cannot come in for a fitting? This can be overcome by going to our <Measurement Chart> and follow the instructions and fill out the form and submit your details.

Alternately go to your nearest menswear store to get measured. We will advise what type of outfit you have chosen so that you can advise the store.   Beware that sometimes measurements can be wrong but we will do everything in our powers to make it right as best we can. Note! A Measuring fee could apply.

Q9. Do you offer Group Discounts? Yes, we offer a 10% discount if 100%  of the payment is made in full at the time of ordering. 

Q10.When is the best time to pick up our wedding outfits? Once we have put together your outfits we will contact you to collect them immediately. Best to come in early once contacted to have a final try on to make sure that nothing has changed, like growth spurts or loss or gain of weight. This happens more than you think, so best to come in early so that we can fix any of the issues that might arise. 

Q11. What is the best advice you can give in regards to getting our wedding outfits? Research what you want either via Instagram or Pinterest. Check out if the outfits you like are available. Know your budget and stay within those limits. The last thing enjoy the moment as it will be one of the best times in your life.

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